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Benefits of Dental Implants
Surprise, AZ

Picture of dental implants at Surprise Smiles in Surprise, AZ.
The benefits of restoring teeth with the placement of dental implants can be significant. Patients will be able to note a marked change in their look, their function, and their comfort. Implants can be a significant improvement when they are done by a professional who understands the surgery, and how to place the implant. When done correctly, dental implants have been proven to have a very high rate of success, in fact long-term studies have shown them to have the highest rate of success over any other dental restoration.

David Frausto, DDS, along with our team at Surprise Smiles, can both rebuild and then fully restore the foundation of your missing tooth. This step not only replaces but provides a new permanent independent base strengthening your bone and maintaining your bite.

During your consultation and evaluation, we can view your level of bone mass and any deterioration using 3D imaging. David Frausto, DDS can then create a map of both your bone and nerves, allowing us to then design a treatment plan customized to you.

Retaining Bone with Dental Implants

Missing teeth is frustrating for many reasons; they effect your look, your function, your ability to speak and your bone. Patients are aware of many of those frustrations, except maybe the damage that occurs to the bone. Tooth loss can be very damaging to their jawbone. When the patient loses one or multiple teeth the following occurs:  

•  Bone Resorption: An almost instantaneous reaction is the resorption of bone following the loss of a tooth. This has to do with a word that keeps all of our bone healthy, exercise. Our entire skeleton requires movement to stay healthy, including our jawbone. We exercise our jawbone by our teeth making contact with other teeth, and through chewing food. The loss of a tooth is also the loss of a tooth root.

The root serves as a middleman between the tooth and the jaw. When we apply pressure to our teeth, this energy is transferred through the root to the jaw. This is why simply placing a dental bridge or denture does not keep the bone healthy. The middleman is lost. Only a dental implant can replace the natural tooth root, restoring this connection.

•  Teeth Shifting out of Alignment:When you lose a tooth there is now room for neighboring teeth to shift. This is different than when an orthodontist removes a tooth.

When an orthodontist removes a tooth, there is a controlled plan to move teeth to improve the bite. When a patient loses a tooth, the neighboring teeth can then shift in an uncontrolled manner, changing the bite, which can cause some serious consequences. A malocclusion, or a bite out of alignment, can cause significant problems with your jawbone.

A common, though often painful, a disorder known as TMJ dysfunction is a complication caused by a misaligned jaw. TMJ dysfunction can lead to a tired feeling in your jaw joint, can cause a clicking or popping sensation, some experience severe pain, or are unable to open or close their mouth properly, or even experience facial pain and migraines.

Having missing teeth replaced with dental implants can provide many health benefits. Patients will see both aesthetic and functional benefits. Implants do more than replace teeth; they restore teeth with a permanent solution. Talking with David Frausto, DDS, we can review a variety of options to fit your needs best, including using implants in combination with other prosthetics.

For more information on restoring teeth with implants, and the benefits that come with it, contact Surprise Smiles at our Surprise office. Our front office staff is happy to answer your questions and assist you. (602) 842-4864.


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Benefits of Dental Implants | Surprise Smiles - Surprise, AZ
At Surprise Smiles, we can rebuild and fully restore the foundation of your missing teeth with dental implants. Click to learn more about the benefits of dental implants.
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