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Complete & Partial Dentures
Surprise, AZ

Dentures at Surprise Smiles in Surprise, AZ
Many patients visiting our Surprise, AZ office ask if dentures are a viable solution for fixing their bite problem. That depends somewhat on your lifestyle and goals - depend on us for the rest!

Our team at Surprise Smiles will help you determine whether dentures are the best option for you.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth that help cover the spaces found between two or more missing teeth. There are temporary, partial and complete dentures.

Dentures are made from a special plastic resin or acrylic, often mixed with a metal foundation that is made to look like real teeth with a base that looks just like real gums.

Dentures are held in place with an adhesive that can be purchased at any grocery store in the dental care section.

Temporary Dentures

If you are receiving a procedure to replace a missing tooth, our dentist may provide temporary dentures. These restorations help provide a natural smile as you wait for your typical bridges or implants to be fabricated. Temporary dentures are a good solution when your teeth are knocked out.

What Is a Partial Denture?

Partial dentures work for those who have only a few missing teeth.

A dentist uses a plastic base to hold these dentures in place. The base is designed to be the same color as the gums. The dentist secures the base with a metal framework to prevent the denture from slipping out of place.

Partial dentures are, therefore, designed for those who don't need a full set of replacement teeth. Because partial dentures rely on the surrounding teeth for support they are often quite comfortable and easy to wear.

Partial dentures can fill gaps of teeth that have been lost to decay or trauma, and contribute to the overall health of your mouth.

Do I Need Complete Dentures?

When, however, you have the entire arch of teeth missing, you may be a candidate for complete dentures. At Surprise Smiles, we can do an evaluation and help you decide the best option for you.

With advancements in denture technology, today, full dentures are comfortable and provide a natural look.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

There are so many benefits that dentures provide our patients! Some of the big benefits that dentures provide include:
•  Restoring the ability to chew
•  Giving the face a more natural appearance
•  Restoring self-confidence
•  Look like natural teeth

One of the biggest differences that patients note once they receive their dentures is that they are more willing to start smiling again.

Tooth loss can really affect your self-confidence and wither your desire to smile. Smiling is a big part of leading a happy life.

How Tooth Loss Affects You

When tooth loss strikes, it can affect you in ways that you never considered.

The first tooth that is lost and not replaced is significant because it can have a domino effect on tooth loss in the mouth.

Lots of people think that teeth are planted in one spot and unable to move around, this isn't true - they are propped up by the teeth around them and can shift according to forces that act on them.

When a tooth is lost and not replaced, the neighboring teeth can start to shift into the space that is left by the lost tooth. When they start to shift, their neighbors can also shift. Eventually, your teeth can move enough that it negatively affects your bite (the way your top arch and bottom arch fit together).

When your bite doesn't fit together correctly a few more things can happen:
•  Teeth collide with each other, increasing potential to chip and crack
•  TMJ (jaw) pain or irritation is likely
•  Difficulty chewing
•  No comfortable place to rest your jaw

The big risk when you lose a tooth is bone loss - which can lead to further tooth loss.

When a tooth is lost and not replaced, the bone in that area of the jaw will cease to be stimulated and will eventually start to recede.

The bone is the most important structure holding your teeth in place.

It's important to replace teeth with a dental implant, bridge, or denture as soon as you lose it, to mitigate the potential loss of more teeth.

What Is the Process of Getting Dentures?

You will need several visits to our office to complete the denture placement process.

During your first appointment, our local team of dental experts will evaluate your overall oral health and create an appropriate treatment plan.

We will take measurements of your jaw structure and create models of the teeth.

In situations where you need a complete denture, you may need to get your remaining teeth removed.

Once the remaining teeth are extracted, we can take a mold of your mouth that we will send to our dental lab. They will use the mold to craft a set of dentures that will fit perfectly into both arches of your mouth.

You will need some time to allow the gums to heal after the extraction.

Depending on the scenario, we can provide you with a temporary denture to fill in for the missing teeth while you wait for the permanent one to be crafted and sent back to us. This will conclude the first appointment.

It takes eight to 12 weeks from the time of teeth removal to receive your complete dentures.

Once we receive the dentures from the laboratory it will be time for your second appointment. The top arch will be made to fully cover the whole roof of your mouth, whereas the bottom arch will have a U-shaped cutout in the middle to accommodate your tongue.

The final dentures are then fitted. If there are adjustments needed, they are performed to ensure your dentures fit properly.

How Do You Take Care of Dentures?

Dentures require a few special care considerations.

First of all, they must be taken out at night and placed in either water or a denture soaking solution. The solutions have the added benefits of fighting bacteria that build up on them as well as fighting odors. You must also brush your dentures using a specially designed denture brush.

We recommend that you always handle your dentures over a basin of water or a folder towel on the counter to avoid damage caused by accidental drops. Dentures are tough but a good fall at an awkward angle can easier chip or crack them, so it's best to use care and plan ahead.

How Long Can You Wear Dentures?

We advise you that you put on your denture throughout the day except when sleeping, particularly during the first few weeks.

Although it may feel uncomfortable, you will gradually get used to wearing them. Your mouth may feel a little different due to the denture shape when it is in the mouth.

Also, you may find it difficult to eat with dentures in the first weeks, but soon you will get used to it. Dentures tend to change how you speak and pronounce words, but again you will be accustomed to them over time and be able to speak as usual.

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