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Dental Implants
Surprise, AZ

Image of a dental implant at Surprise Smiles.
When it comes to functionality, aesthetics, comfort, and longevity, dental implants are the reconstruction of choice for fixed bridges and reversible dentures. Not only do dental implants look, feel, and work just like your natural teeth, but they also act as an artificial root of the tooth, to protect the jawbone's integrity. Unlike removable dentures, implant-supported teeth are placed firmly in the mouth. Regardless of the cause for the lost teeth, if you are interested in restoring your smile or making changes to the overall appearance of your face, there are multiple solutions available. If you want your teeth to be replaced, fixed, or if you have any other dental-related concerns, our dentists at Surprise Smiles can help you get back your beautiful smile.

Benefits of a Multiple Tooth Implant

Multiple dental implants are the perfect choice for a variety of reasons. Dental implants can play a crucial role in preserving the natural charm of your smile. Further, dental implants are the most stable restorative option available. They are never going to let your bridge fall out of place, so you can eat all of your favorite foods without worrying about discomfort or pain. While doing routine tasks such as eating or talking, dental implants are not prone to moving or breaking. They also help protect the jawbone and avoid further bone or tooth loss, since dental implants are inserted directly into the bone.

Multiple tooth implants are fixed to the bone of your jaw, which reduces the movement of teeth compared to bridges or dentures. Beyond merely being functional, dental implants can also help restore the lost confidence of having missing teeth. Whereas partial dentures need sticky and uncomfortable adhesives to stay attached to the gums, dental implants are naturally more comfortable and secure. Finally, dental implants provide major benefits for your oral hygiene. These tooth restorations can prevent degeneration of the jawbone, alteration of your facial structure, and help avoid further loss of teeth, without making any modifications or alterations to the surrounding teeth.

Are You the Right Candidate?

You may be a candidate for multiple tooth implants if you are missing two or more teeth and need a long-lasting prosthetic, one that will most accurately imitate the appearance and function of your natural teeth. To check whether you are a good candidate for dental implants, we recommend an initial appointment with our dental team. We can help you make the right decision, overcome common obstacles, and ensure that you have enough bone to support a dental implant.

It is important to act fast after losing your teeth, however. If you wait too long after an injury or disease, the exposed portions of your roots and jaw can start decaying unnoticed and render your mouth incompatible with the dental implant procedure. There are several excellent options for restoring your missing teeth if the tooth has been damaged due to injury, gum disease, or decay, but delaying too long can negatively impact your prognosis.

If you are a smoker, one important factor to consider is that smoking decreases the capacity of the body to recover, boosts the risk of dental implant failure, and can weaken the gums. It is ideal to stop smoking both before and after the procedure, not only to improve the implant's lifetime efficacy but to also help improve your general wellness.

After Implant Placement

Dental implants are a large commitment and we are here for you through every step of the way at Surprise Smiles. After receiving your dental implants, you will undergo a recovery process to allow the implants to bond with the jawbone as well as to heal. Here is what you can expect after your dental implant placement.

Several Days After Surgery

You will experience discomfort, swelling, and some bleeding within the first week of dental implant placement. This is all perfectly normal as your jaw has undergone a major change.


You will experience some pain and discomfort at first. Taking pain medication as needed will significantly reduce this.


Bleeding is expected in the area where surgery has taken place. Within the first hour, you will be instructed to forcefully apply gauze to the area by biting down. It is also important to be careful as to not have the bleeding start all over again; this means no rinsing or even spitting.


Swelling will happen within the first four days, but this can be kept under control by applying ice to the side or area the surgery has taken place on. Many people choose to take this time off from school or work while they heal.


It is important to allow your jaw to rest after surgery. This means avoiding chewing as much as possible. You will be instructed that your diet for the first six hours will only contain foods that will not require any chewing. This could include foods such as yogurt, blended soups, shakes, and mashed potatoes. After this period of time, you may eat soft foods such as scrambled eggs.


During the first 24 hours, you shouldn’t brush or rinse. This sounds very counteractive to what every dentist will tell you to do, but this is only to prevent bleeding. After the first day you may resume brushing and rinsing with salt water. Do not use any mouthwash at this time.

Taking It Easy

You should avoid strenuous activity if possible, to prevent potential damages or any accidents that may result from medication dulling your senses. This applies to most major surgeries.

During the Bonding Process

Once you have gotten past the more difficult parts of recovery, it is a matter of taking antibiotics to avoid jaw infection and waiting until you are clear to receive your permanent teeth. You will regularly check back with us so we can determine if you are ready as soon as possible. It is advised to avoid activities that have a high chance of impact to the jaw, such as sports, as this can set the process back. After everything is all said and done, you will be able to enjoy your dental implants for decades with good care. It may seem like you have to endure some life changes for a little while, but in the grand scheme of things you will be happy with your smile after getting past this small hurdle!

Our team of highly trained and dedicated dental professionals here at Surprise Smiles will help guide you today. Please give us a call at (602) 842-4864 to discuss the best treatment option for your missing teeth.

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