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Headgear for Interceptive Orthodontics
Surprise, AZ

Young girl with orthodontic headgear from Surprise SmilesAt Surprise Smiles, we can help your child have better alignment through the use of limited interceptive orthodontic treatment. This includes techniques that address certain orthodontic problems for children between the ages of 7-11, while their permanent teeth are coming into place. Using early intervention techniques along with phased treatment, your child can have better alignment and decreased time with other orthodontic devices in the future.

Early Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment

There are multiple steps we can take to help your child have better malocclusion, and improved alignment. Techniques can include arch expansion, to allow for more room as permanent teeth come in, and orthopedic growth appliances such as headgear devices to allow for better jaw growth making future orthodontic treatment much simpler. Children who we have predicted will have overcrowding issues can have these issues alleviated through the use of early headgear.

Early intervention if your child’s alignment is known as Phase 1 of a two step orthodontic treatment. We can discuss a more precise treatment plan specific to your child and the needs we see in their oral health development. Phase 2 will occur later, in their adolescence, with standard orthodontic treatment including dental braces. Applying interceptive orthodontic techniques helps Phase 2 of their orthodontic care to be simpler, often considerably less expensive or time consuming than it otherwise would have been.

Does my child need headgear?

In general, we tend to discuss headgear in one of two forms.
•  Retraction headgear: Sometimes referred to as Class II Correction, Retraction headgear is used to prevent an overbite and create space for teeth when overcrowding is an issue. It retracts the upper jaw preventing its forward movement.
•  Protraction headgear: Sometimes referred to as Class III Correction, Protraction headgear is used to move the upper jaw forward while stabilizing the lower jaw. This may also be known as reversed headgear, as it corrects an underbite.

Headgear applied to children and teens is effective because their facial structure is still growing. As we age, our facial structures stop growing and can then only be changed through surgical jaw alteration.

Depending on the severity of your child’s malocclusion, they may only need to wear their headgear in the evening or at night while sleeping. In general, we will need the child to wear their device for 12-22 hours a day, and this may be required for 12-18 months. We will give more precise information specific to each patient based on their needs. As with any orthodontic device, discomfort or soreness can be expected, especially following adjustment. We can discuss tips and tools that can help parents help their children be more comfortable.

Other Interceptive Orthodontic Devices

Besides headgear, there are other appliances that can be used to help your child’s teeth develop in a better alignment. Appliances including:
•  Spacers: A space maintainer can help reserve a spot for a permanent tooth to grow and prevent neighboring teeth from shifting.
•  Palatal Expander: Known as PED’s, expanders can increase the width of the palate when we see that there is insufficient room.
•  Lip Bumper: This device is often used with an expander, or PED, to increase the width of the lower jaw.

If you are interested in finding out if you or your child could benefit from headgear or other orthodontic care, call us at (602) 842-4864 or fill out our appointment request form today!

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