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Dental Laser
Surprise, AZ

LANAP Therapy at Surprise Smiles in Surprise, AZ.Scientists began exploring the use of laser for dental treatments in the 1960s, and they have been in use since the 1990s. Though the idea of laser near in your mouth sounds scary, it really is not. Like all other technological advancements in the medical and dental field, laser dentistry has greatly improved the efficiency of dental treatments.

At Surprise Smiles we offer various treatments including dental cleanings, dental fillings, tooth extractions, and more. Additionally, we also offer dental exams. Some of these treatments may require the use of dental laser for enhanced efficiency.

What Can Dental Lasers Treat?

The use of laser for dental treatments is different than that of cold laser in phototherapy. The field of dentistry requires the use of different laser technology. It can treat:
•  Tooth decay- A dentist may use laser to target and remove the decaying part. They may also use the laser to prepare the surrounding area for a dental filling.
•  Biopsy – Some dentists also use a laser to perform biopsy or lesion removal process in which they remove a small part of the tissue to identify whether it is cancerous or not. The same process can also be used to remove painful cankers in the mouth through the lesion removal.
•  Gum Disease – Gum diseases are pretty common and can resultantly require a root canal. Dentists use lasers to remove bacteria from the gums during the process. Some even use a laser to reshape the gums after various treatments.
•  Teeth Whitening – who doesn't want white teeth? Laser dentistry can help you get sparkling white teeth. Dentists apply peroxide bleach to the teeth and then use a laser to activate it. Using a laser can speed up the whitening process and also produce better results getting rid of stains.

Benefits of Dental Laser Treatment?

Besides allowing for increased efficiency, dental laser treatments have multiple other benefits.
•  They can be less painful than some other dental procedures and can potentially reduce the need for anesthesia.
•  They can reduce anxiety or stress induced by some dental tools such as drills.
•  It can protect and maintain the tooth's structural integrity and health during cavity removal and other invasive treatments.
•  They also enhance the overall efficiency by speeding up a lot of the time-consuming dental procedures.
•  They can also keep bleeding and inflammation in the gum during and post-treatment to a minimum.

How do Dental Lasers Work?

All medical and dental lasers deliver energy in the form of light, which dentists use to perform various operations such as tissue vaporization or cutting. It can also act as a heat source as it does in the teeth whitening process. It delivers heat, which activates the peroxide bleach and speeds up the whitening/bleaching process.

At Surprise Smiles, we use laser dentistry to protect your smile and dental health and hygiene. Dental laser treatments allow for enhanced precision during essential treatments and also aids in the maintenance of structural integrity of the teeth during treatments such as cavity removal.

For more information, give us Surprise Smiles a call at (602) 842-4864 today.


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We offer dental cleanings, dental fillings, tooth extractions, and more. Some of these treatments may require dental laser treatment, for enhanced efficiency. Click to learn more.
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