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Scaling and Root Planing
Surprise, AZ

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If you develop an advanced form of gum disease called periodontitis, you may need tooth scaling and root planing procedures to help fix the affected gums.

Root planing and scaling procedures are a reliable way of getting rid of tartar that could affect your oral health.

Our experts at Surprise Smiles can perform scaling and root planing procedures to help you recover from this condition.

This advanced treatment method helps prevent tooth loss and protect your smile from damage.

What Is Root Planing and Scaling?

Root planing and scaling are also considered deep cleaning procedures in dentistry.

A root planing procedure helps remove hardened tartar, which increases the risk of infections in your mouth. Tartar collects around your teeth, making it challenging for them to perform basic functions.

Periodontal scaling and root planing are vital for patients with periodontal disease or advanced gum disease. If you didn't know, this condition affects the gums significantly and could result in tooth loss if not treated.

Our experts will perform a scaling procedure to get rid of tartar on the surface of your teeth. This will help prevent the development of oral conditions and makes your smile brighter.

While tooth scaling removes tartar on the surface of your teeth, root planing gets rid of tartar from the roots of your teeth. It happens below the gum line, where there is a significantly high risk of damage.

Planing and scaling are both performed to get rid of tartar on your teeth and teeth roots.

When Should Scaling and Root Planing Be Done?

There are many cases when scaling and root planing are necessary. For instance, we recommend this procedure if you develop severe gum disease, which is known as periodontitis.

This is a harmful form of gum disease that should be addressed lest it causes severe consequences like tooth loss. Root planing is required to treat inflamed gums affected by periodontitis.

Thanks to a tooth scaling procedure, tartar that hardens on the surface of your teeth is chipped off. The procedure also helps remove tartar from your teeth roots.

Periodontal Disease

Root planing and scaling help address periodontal disease. It is crucial to note that periodontal scaling and root planing are non-surgical procedures.

They are more of a comprehensive, deep cleaning procedure done with ultrasonic devices or handled devices. It is believed that deep cleaning using ultrasonic devices has almost the same results as manual deep cleaning with handheld devices.

While both treatment methods have excellent results on oral health, researchers say that ultrasonic cleaning is faster than manual cleaning - it takes around 25% to 50% less time than manual cleaning.

When performing root scaling and planing for periodontal disease, we ensure that your gums are in good condition before starting.

After removing plaque from your teeth, we will smooth or plane the rough surfaces on your teeth root. This is important as it helps the gums reattach firmly to your teeth. The time it takes to complete this procedure depends on a wide range of factors, including the site of the procedure and the stage of your infection.

We encourage post-procedure check-ups to ensure that the recovery process is going according to plan.

Scaling and Root Planing FAQ's

How Long Does Scaling and Root Planing Take?

In most cases, root planing and scaling take only a single appointment at our Surprise, AZ dental office.

Keep in mind that the entire treatment procedure takes about one to two hours.

The procedure does an effective job in getting rid of gum infections and keeping your teeth in good condition.

If you have an advanced form of gum disease, scaling and root planing procedures might take longer. This is because it might need multiple appointments to complete.

Does Scaling and Root Planing Hurt?

Another common question we get is whether scaling and root planing hurt. Root planing and scaling is a non-surgical procedure that will not cause you any discomfort.

This is the case because our team will numb the area by applying a local anesthetic.

As a result, the gums will be pain-free, and you will be comfortable throughout the procedure.

When the procedure is complete, you might start experiencing a little tenderness around your gums.

How Often Do You Need Scaling and Root Planing?

One root planing and scaling treatment is enough to reverse gum disease symptoms and eliminate your bacterial infections.

When you come in for regular dental cleanings and maintain proper oral hygiene, you can prevent the recurrence of the infection.

However, if the condition comes back, it is vital to come in for treatment as soon as possible. Getting treated on time is vital because it is hard to manage the infection once it advances.

Our team of dentists and professionals will examine your condition and advise you on the best steps to take in case you have a gum infection.

When and What to Eat After Scaling and Root Planing

We advise that you stick to eating soft foods after undergoing a root planing and scaling procedure.

You can start eating after the numbness has worn off to avoid damage to your tongue, gums, or teeth.

Avoid eating hard or sticky foods such as nuts, ice cubes, chips, or popcorn that could affect the recovery process.

You should also avoid acidic or highly seasoned foods in your diet.

Foods such as scrambled eggs, pasta, soups, macaroni, mashed potatoes, and cheese are ideal when recovering from a root planing and scaling procedure.

Schedule Scaling and Root Planing With Your Surprise, AZ Dentists!

Do you need a root planing and scaling procedure? Your Surprise, AZ dentists and team are ready to help! Our highly experienced and dedicated experts at Surprise Smiles will perform a root planing and scaling procedure that helps restore your oral health. Call (602) 842-4864 today to schedule your appointment.

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