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Dental Crown
Surprise, AZ

Model of dental implant screw with artificial toothRestorative dentistry is a passion of ours at Surprise Smiles. Restorative dentistry describes dental procedures that are required when a tooth has suffered some form of damage, decay, or structural issues and needs to be brought back to a healthy state. These procedures include things like fillings, dental bonding, and of course dental crowns. Dental crowns are used when a tooth has suffered severe structural damage and can no longer continue acting as a tooth on its own. We modify the tooth to allow a crown to fit over the top, which will act as a normal healthy tooth would.

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When to Get a Crown

There are a number of situations that can lead to a crown. The most common is tooth decay. When a tooth has experienced significant decay and we remove that decay, there will often not be enough of the natural tooth left to be stable. Another common scenario where tooth decay ultimately leads to a crown is when a large filling fails. Often, when large fillings fail they need to be replaced and after years of wear on the tooth, it is not up the challenge of another filling. Instead, we will fit it with a dental crown.

Crowns are also used to cap other restorative fixtures such as Dental Implants. Dental implants are a tooth replacement appliance that is permanently placed in your jaw and capped with a dental crown. An implant allows you to use your new appliance exactly as you would a natural tooth.

The Procedure

Having a dental crown placed is a very common and simple procedure that typically requires two visits to our office to complete.

During the first visit we will take a mold of the tooth that we will be placing a crown on so that we can perfectly match the crown to your natural tooth. We will send this mold to our dental laboratory to be created. We will then prepare your tooth to receive the crown by shaving off a portion of the enamel around your tooth along with any decay. By making your tooth a bit smaller than it normally is, it can accommodate having a restorative crown placed on top of it without changing your bite. Once it is ready to receive the crown, we will place a temporary crown over it and affix it to your tooth with a temporary dental cement.

During the interim, while you are wearing the temporary crown, it is important to use care and not chew on overly sticky or hard substances. Things like caramels, and ice should be avoided as the bonding of the crown is not permanent and will fail under such circumstances.

Once your crown has been fabricated by the dental laboratory it will be time for your second appointment. During the second appointment we will simply remove the temporary crown and place the permanent one. The permanent crown will be affixed with permanent dental cement.
The dental crown can be used and cleaned just like a normal tooth, and will function the exact same way.

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