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Flap Surgery and Bone Graft
Surprise, AZ

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At Surprise Smiles, our goal is to keep your mouth in tip-top condition.

We believe in implementing a healthy dose of patient education along with every treatment when you come into our Surprise, AZ practice.

When you understand what the issues are that you face, you can more easily prevent them.

Flap surgery and bone grafting procedures may be needed when gum disease reaches a late stage and steps must be taken to reverse the degradation of the teeth, gums, and bone.

Why Would Someone Need Flap Surgery or Bone Grafts?

Periodontal disease can have seriously detrimental effect on your oral health. The issue is a bacterial buildup below the gum line which pushes the gums away from the surface of the teeth. Gums should fit around a tooth the same way a turtleneck fits around your neck - snugly.

When bacteria begin to build up below the gums in the form of tartar it pushes the gums further away from the teeth, creating a pocket.

This tartar eats away at the teeth and the gum tissue, even eating away at the bone in the jawline. The result is tissue damage/loss. Further, food and particulate matter can work its way into the pocket made by the tartar. Obviously this material just worsens the problem.

The goal of flap surgery is to remove the tartar below the gum line, giving the roots of your teeth a deep clean.

If the bone in your jaw has experienced significant loss, bone grafts can be done to bring bone levels back to a healthy level.

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What Is Flap Surgery?

When bacterial interaction increases in your gums due to prolonged negligence, it can develop the circumstances for periodontal surgery. Bacteria can reach the gums and cause infection with the added misery of toothache and swollen gums.

If you notice such symptoms, you may need flap surgery to prevent the spread of the infection.

Flap surgery refers to the dental cleaning procedure in which your dentist may cut through your gums to clean the tooth and gums thoroughly. Once cleaned, the dental surgeon may close the gum pocket and allow it to heal.

Bacteria-free gums may heal quickly and attach to the tooth again. While this is valid, worsened cases can lead to the need for bone grafts and dental implants.

What Is a Bone Graft?

Bacteria spread into the tooth's root can affect the bones underneath. In such cases, flap surgery or gingivectomy may not be the most appropriate solution.

Dentists may opt for bone grafting to avoid the adversity of bacterial infection. The need for bone grafting occurs when bacteria reach the root, causing it to decay the tissue and loosen the tooth.

In such cases, dental surgeons have no choice but to replace the affected bone region with a new tissue or bone. Gum cleaning may make no difference when bacteria reach your bone. It is crucial to consult your dental surgeon timely to avoid complex gum lift surgery.

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How to Avoid Gingivectomy

While flap surgery and bone grafting require surgical procedures and oral rest, you can avoid them by maintaining a healthy dental hygiene routine.

Busy routines can lead to oral negligence among both kids and adults. While true, taking out some time in a day to do proper teeth cleaning can minimize the risk of gingivectomy.

We recommend developing a simple oral hygiene routine that requires flossing your teeth, using fluoride-rich toothpaste, and scheduling biannual visits with your dentist. In some cases, bacterial infections take time to show symptoms, making it difficult for you to identify the problem in time.

By visiting us for regular cleanings, you can ensure that your teeth are healthy.

You may consult your dentist to choose some of the best oral hygiene products on the market to develop a self-cleaning routine.

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Flap surgery & bone graft procedures might be necessary when dealing with periodontal disease. Read more here & call us today with your questions!
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