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Flap Surgery and Grafts
Surprise, AZ

At Surprise Smiles our goal is to keep your mouth in tip-top condition. We believe in implementing a healthy dose of patient education along with every treatment. When you understand what the issues are that you face, you can more easily prevent them. Flap surgery and bone grafting procedures may have to occur when gum disease reaches a late stage and steps must be taken to reverse the degradation of the teeth, gums, and bone.

Why Would Someone Need Flap Surgery or Bone Grafts?

Periodontal disease can have seriously detrimental effect on your oral health. The issue is a bacterial buildup below the gum line which pushes the gums away from the surface of the teeth. Gums should fit around a tooth the same way a turtleneck fits around your neck - snugly.

When bacteria begin to buildup below the gums in the form of tartar it pushes the gums further away from the teeth, creating a pocket. This tartar eats away at the teeth and the gum tissue, even eating away at the bone in the jawline. The result is tissue damage/loss. Further, food and particulate matter can work its way into the pocket made by the tartar. Obviously this material just worsens the problem.

The goal of flap surgery is to remove the tartar below the gum line, giving the roots of your teeth a deep clean. If the bone in your jaw has experienced significant loss, bone grafts can be done to bring bone levels back to a healthy level.

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is the most conservative approach to removing tartar below the gum line. Once you have been made comfortable and given the proper anesthesia we will make small incisions in the gums and fold the flap of gum back exposing the root of the tooth. By using this technique we are able to accomplish the following:
•  Removal of diseased gum tissue
•  Removal of the cause of gum and bone deterioration (tartar)
•  Regeneration of lost bone and periodontal ligament
•  Closure of healthy tissue to healthy tissue, allowing for a quick recovery and return to health

The goal is to return the gums to their normal state and to shrink the pockets in the gum line.

Bone Graft Procedure

When bone loss occurs it can have a dramatic effect on the rest of your oral healthy. Your healthy teeth can start to feel loose because they aren't supported by adequate bone structure. If tooth replacement is needed, adequate, healthy bone structure needs to be present in order to safely support a dental implant.

In such circumstances we will graft bone onto the sites where it is lacking by accessing the bone in your jaw, and placing bone or bone substitutes into the areas affected in an attempt to encourage new, healthy bone growth. These grafts act as building blocks for new bone growth.

Please call us today at (602) 842-4864 to schedule your appointment. Remember, you your gums bleed easily for more than a week, please come in to see us as this could be the sign of a more serious illness.

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